Saturday, September 19, 2009

Argentine Designers Collective show is spot on

Fun, sophisticated, fresh, a bit bizarre and totally unique were some of my initial reactions to the Argentine designers collective show at Bryant Park this past Thursday. Of the five designers that showed, two really stole the show. First, designer Benito Fernandez's collection was absolutely sublime. A montage of silks, chiffon and feathers, there was not one color that the collection shied away from. A boho/gypsy peasant chic, the designer's portrayal of Argentine culture was flawless and fun. Designer Cardon also stood out from the rest sending beautifully nostalgic traditional Argentine pieces with an updated edge down the runway. Reminiscent of a Ralph Lauren country look with a bit of South American flair, the collection included linen tunics, suede vests, old world leather jackets, and linen pants that told the story of Argentine culture.

Lackluster at Chocheng SS2010

While the overarching details of the Chocheng show were beautifully constructed, the collection in its entirety seemed a bit below par. Last season, as the recession was really starting to sink in, a lot of designers played it safe at their fashion week venues, hoping to appeal to their largest customer base. But this season, designers (excluding Chocheng) seem to be coming out of the recession slump and serving up some really exciting pieces. Unfortunately, the Chocheng show seemed to be stuck in that mentality of simplicity for the sake of preservation. Although I will say that there were a few pieces that worked as Chocheng's saving grace, hopefully the designer will get on board with something a bit more exciting for fall 2010.

Jill Stuart SS2010, umm where's the rest of your dress?

Celebrities couldn't cram through the doors fast enough at Jill Stuart's SS2010 show at the New York Public Library. Among others, all of the Real Housewives of New York, Kim Kardashian and Kelly Rowland were front and center. But, we were all a bit shocked by the designer's drastic departure from her vintage, rock-bohemian roots. Right on par with the studded cool that seems to be showing up across the board, Stuart's collection didn't leave much to the imagination. While cat-walking down the marble corridors of the library, even the models looked a bit uncomfortable as they subtly tugged at their micro-minis to avoid giving the camera pit an unwanted shot. A fun and daring collection in theory, I'm not too confident that it will translate to the customer who doesn't make their living on a street corner.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The all girl french punk rock group jammed at Alice + Olivia's fashion week party and were a total hit. With a totally original sound and a great parisien style, these girls are definitely a la mode so get to know them before they blow up! Check them out at

Alice + Olivia Presentation: a triple threat fete

The Alice + Olivia presentation/party was the envy of all meatpacking district goers this past Saturday night as NY's chicest turned out to support designer, Stacey Bendet. Stars like Nikki Hilton, Ashley Greene, Shenae Grimes and Kelly Rutherford stopped by to check out the newest collection and to rock out to all girl french band, Plastiscines, who provided the beat for viewers to tap their Jimmy Choos to. The collection was flawless, hitting a perfect pitch for every note an NYC girl calls essential. From beaded cocktail shift dresses paired with metallic trenchcoats to flesh colored mini day dresses topped off with cropped motorcycle jackets the collection was full of a vibrant youthfullness (after all, not one of the models looked like she was over 14).

To die for at Toni Maticevski

Although I previously was not too familiar with designer, Toni Maticevski (and frankly still don't know how to pronounce his name) I was captivated by the duality of the whimsical and sophisticated nature of his collection. Sheer bandeau skirts gave the collection a youthful sophistication as they were paired with silk cardigans or Linen jackets. But, the real show stoppers were Maticevski's interpretations of a wonderlandish naivite that is learning to rebel. I was particularly blown away by a whimsical silk and jersey skirt with tulle overlary paired with a charcoal paint splattered cap sleeve top. The combination of fairytale and city reality were beautifully mixed in this look and, I think, stands as a symbol of the collection.

Simple Sophistication at Andy + Debb SS2010

Andy + Debb's show was all about simple silhouettes and classic looks but, not without a touch of newness. Take their cream pleated skirts matched with a classic button front sleeveless linen top. But, to update the look, the designers have chosen a metallic linen and added an origami like pop up collar. These kinds of details were what took the collection from familiar to a modern, updated take on what today's "classic" is.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Foot-tastic at fashion week!!

Leifsdottir for Anthropologie presentation is a wonderland

The presentation of Leifsdottir for Anthropologie was like falling down the rabbit hole and stepping into this alternate universe that included live birds in cages dangling on ribbons from the ceiling, petite fours, pink champagne and ohhh the clothes! Two models entered the presentation at a time walking through the eden feeding the birds and watching the sunset with their vintage binoculars. A drastic change from the cold and wet New York that viewers hurried in from, the collection was all about floral patterns, rich colors and young, bold accessories. A definite excuse to get over to Anthropologie.
America's Next Top Model winner, Danielle

Alexa Chung on Fashion's Night Out and free drinks

I caught up with Alexa Chung, former British model and new MTV host of It's on with Alexa Chung who was DJing and Miu Miu's Fashion's Night Out party.
"I think it's amazing that the stores are going to stay open late and that it's boosting interest in fashion again. And, I get to get drunk and play music and Miu Miu," she said.

Edgy ethereal at Charlotte Ronson

I absolutely loved Charlotte Ronson's SS2010 show. Another designer to yet again confirm that the studded rocker look is a keeper. With a color palette of greys, light pinks and other muted neutrals, Ronson showed a mix between ethereal and urban. Silk cigarette pants and frocks were beautiful in motion as soft tulle-like bunches of fabric were attached to the hip to catch the wind as the models strutted down the runway. Transparency was another high note for Ronson, using lace and other sheer fabrics to take an otherwise fall looking piece and make it more spring appropriate. A wide studded belt was added to a variety of the looks giving these innocent colors and fabrics an ironic hard edge. External studded shoulder pads, loosely bunched transparent leggings, jump suits, and braided headwraps gave the collection a more eclectic feel - a departure from many of Ronson's previous collections.

Nikki Hilton, enjoying the show front row at Charlotte Ronson

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cesar Galindo - sartorially sweet silhouettes

While I was initially underwhelmed by the first few looks to strut down the Cesar Galindo SS2010 runway, the show quickly gained its footing and sent some really great spring staples down the runway. I walked away thinking about the fabrics that perfectly accented the silhouettes they created. A creme hooded ensemble was a great representation of the collections wistful yet structured aesthetic. Thin metallic fabrics were draped into the perfect cocktail dresses and one hot pink floor length number screamed Michelle Obama.

Rosa Cha takes it to the beach

On a cold and dress-unfriendly windy day at Bryant Park, the Rosa Cha SS2010 swimwear show was a much needed escape. A collection that bleeds red, white and blue, each peace was very reminiscent of 50's classic glamour. Chanel Iman kicked off the show where thick head wraps, sheer swimsuit overlays and strapless jumpsuits ruled the runway. One robe-like wrap dress really caught my eye - its loose draping and vented sleeves were sartorial genius. Can't wait for summer 2010!

Mikhael Kale SS2010 Presentation

I kicked off my fashion week SS2010 show schedule at Mikhael Kale's presentation. Although I don't usually get too into a presentation style showing, this presentation which was held at the Audi Forum presented a great juxtaposition between the collection's futuristic/edgy vibe and the surrounding luxury sports cars. As pedestrians pressed their faces against the floor-to-ceiling windows of the dealership, this kind of voyeuristic aesthetic worked as the models were clad in what looked like the love child of futuristic silhouettes and this kind of Americana biker edge. Incorporating a barrage of chain embroidery, long silk fringes, snake skin and gunmetal sequins, the collection definitely paid homage to the old and new with simultaneous nods to glam rock and space age ambitions. While the entire color palette eschewed a muted/pastel theme, which helped to further contrast with the designer's bold aesthetic, one in particular caught my eye - a sea green silk dress paired with a blue snake skin belt and topped off with a silver silk and sequin jacket was dripping with this urban cool vibe. While I wasn't too familiar with Mikhael Kale before, he's definitely on my radar now.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcome to The Statement Piece

As a little girl, I never dreamed that I would enter the world of fashion when I grew up. When I was 9 I was the president of the "I vow to never wear bell-bottoms" club. Only the slutty girls at school wore them so, I naturally never wanted to put myself in that box. But, my sister was stuffed inside that box like a second skin. Obsessed with fashion from an unreasonably young age, she was making skirts out of vintage Hermes scarves she found at thrift stores when she was 10 and was always trying to get me out of the baggy jeans and solid t-shirts I called home.
Flash forward 12 years and the story is quite different. Having been the fashion editor at the Washington Square News, and covered fashion for Newsweek, CosmoGIRL, and, I have transformed from the anti-fashion to the girl who falls asleep at night trying to convince herself that tomorrow she needs to skip and instead head to - most often to no avail. And believe me, all of this didn't happen on purpose. As I have always told myself, 'fashion is just a hobby.' Maybe someday I'll take my journalist's nose to D.C. and finally get political but for now, I am resigning from my little girl baggy jeans post. And get this, my sister who used to have designers and hemlines dripping from her tongue is now an architecture grad student at Harvard...go figure.
So, this is the place where I will indulge my passions with no guilt. Welcome to The Statement Piece.