Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So weird...

I had an "only in New York" experience the other day so I though I'd share: I was sitting at the window at NewsBar on University (enjoying my FREE ice tea - buy ten get one free!) and I see ecrivant, Hamish Bowles stroll by looking dapper in Spring tweed. I am feeling quite content with myself thinking maybe someday some youngin' may be excited to see me on the sidewalk (doubtful) but then...who other than Benny Ninja, vogue-er extraordinaire, struts by. Anyway, I was more than tickled by this combination and thought you might be too! XO

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The dudes want in on NYFW

Word on the runway is that dudes are feeling a little left out. John Varvatos has recently been kicking up some dust with the CFDA trying create a New York Men's Fashion Week. Both Milan and Paris already have a week of shows dedicated to the other half and Varvatos thinks it's time for NY to step it up. While womenswear has always dominated the runways, the number of menswear designers has been steadily rising. Hey, I'm all for a week of eye candy!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pucker up baby

To get the most saturated shades of lipsticks around, check out Lime Crime's new line of pucker power from their Candyfuture collection. They're not too pricey at $16 and their staying power is well worth the dough. Best part is, if you throw on any of these shades (although I might steer clear of the black or blue) you don't have to worry about "doing" the rest of your face - your lips will do their own talking even when your mouth is closed. You can pick up any of these delicious shades at Space.NK at 99 Greene Street (near Spring St.).

The sweet science of Anthropologie

Back in the day I was a sales girl at Anthropologie and, while my hand seemed to be permanently stained by hanger grease and I legitimately started having nightmares about having to organize the sale sections, it wasn't a bad gig especially because it meant I got a 40% employee discount! I hadn't been there in a while but headed into their West Broadway store in SoHo recently and didn't realize how much I had been missing. The familiar scent of the Capri Blue candles wafting through the air, the ridiculously beautiful window displays and of course, the Mecca of all sale sections. Anyway, below are a few things that caught my eye that are such the epitome of this classically bohemian brand. No more 40% off but, still definitely worth it.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

One for the generations

Check out Anja Rubik in Vogue Espana...I love the juxtaposition of a military rigidness with the more fluid lace accents - kind of a collage of a Navajo, flower child, Civil war re-enactment era.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring chill

I love this spread for Vogue Italia April 2010. Statuesque yet whimsical, the white palette (very Rodarte-esque ballet/gothic mummy aesthetic) gives a chilling affect to spring. Shot by Paolo Raversi.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Get bodied

Check out these deliciously morbid necklaces by Waylaid - spinal cords and bare ribs done in a really delicate silver. They're only $24 (steal!) so nab a few and wear them at the same time. The perfect mix of geek and cool, you'll have an anatomy class hanging around your neck.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rodarte Sample Sale

The three words that will make your heart stop. Ready? Rodarte. Sample. Sale. Yes, that's right ladies, the sister-duo is letting us less fortunate Rodarte worshipers in on the action for their super-secret April 20th and 21st sample sale. The location and times for the sale are only released to those that RSVP. So, send your best plea letter to to get on the list. Good luck girls (and boys) and let me know how it goes!