Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lela Rose's tricked-out transportation

Buyers beware...watching this video will make you want to go to your nearest Lela Rose store to support this most adorable designer. Contrary to popular belief, not all designers seem to have a pin stuck in their tush. Lela Rose rides a tricked-out trike around Manhattan that she says is super convenient and fun! Check out the video.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spring camp!

I recently ended a few of my magazine subscriptions in an attempt to cut back on my lack of cash flow so, I spent the day at Newsbar on 12th street yesterday flipping through everything from V magazine to Lucky. And, I really got into some of the spring ad campaigns. Below are a few that I am particularly smitten with...

I really love the pale pink hair in the Valentino ads...something I could never pull off but I think looks so effortlessly, I-don't-give-a-shit cool.

I wasn't familiar with Vera Wang's spring collection but when I was flipping through God knows which magazine I saw this ad and got really excited to check it out. This look seems like something a bit out of left field for VW but I think it's smashing - gothic fairy meets hollywood glamour.

Fendi's spring collection has a familiar Rodarte quality to it and I love the dichotomy of the hard-edge torn dress and the whimsical background...the whole campaign is really stunning.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Watch out world! USA!

In New York, it’s finally starting to feel like winter – frost bitten hands, ears and cheeks [check, check, check!]. But for me, one thing this chilly weather has brought with it is the reminder to wear two pairs of socks and to start getting psyched for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics! And, who better to keep our athletes warm as they introduce themselves to the world other than monsieur Ralph Lauren. Lauren’s designs for the athletes exude a classic American aesthetic (what else!) while still holding true to a practicality that will showcase some fierce talent.

We're all mad here...

This past week, my sister and I hosted our Fourth Annual Mad Hatter Tea Party. And this year, we pulled out all the stops - handmade linked streamers made with exotic papers, tea sandwiches and fruit filled sangria and of course our dearest (and impossibly chic) friends. Below are a few photos from the evening and a look at the invitation we sent out to all of our guests!

You're invited to our Fourth Annual Mad Hatter Tea Party!
Fall down the rabbit hole in your maddest attire
and give in to your sweet-toothed desires.
Indulge in cupcakes and crumpets and crunk tea, OH MY!
Put on your watches and cap and SNAP it's six o'clock tea time,
come on in, you'll be feeling just fine.
Dress like your grandma or six-year-old cousin,
because if you come through the door lookin' like yourself we'll be buggin.
Alice and the Mad Girl

Saturday, January 16, 2010

SJP for Halston

On the heels of Sarah Jessica Parker's essentially failed fashion venture, Bitten, it's in the works for her to become the new Creative Director of American label, Halston. A way for the brand to gain some publicitiy in this rough, economic climate, SJP seems to be following in the vein of Lindsay Lohan's work with Ungaro. Hopefully for SJP, second time's a charm.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A few of my favorite shots from last season...

Cesar Galindo SS2010

Toni Maticevski SS2010

Alice + Olivia SS2010

Jill Stuart SS2010

Badley Mischka FW2009

Dennis Basso FW2009

Diesel Black Gold FW2009

To the tents!

With fashion week approaching, I can't wait to get back to the tents. Every other season I have attended fashion week, I've always covered the shows for one publication or another but this season, I'm hoping to take in a few shows just for myself. Although I am always dazzled with each catwalk I attend, it's definitely a different experience when you're anxiety is boiling throughout the show as you try to plan the best route to the front row celebs to get quotes/reactions/photos once the lights go up and the masses descend upon the runway. I am looking forward to entering the tents with my pen securely in my bag rather than nervously clicking in my fingers. And of course, I can't wait to see what the designers send down the runways for Bryant Park's last season. Below are the six designers to show in February that I am most excited about:

Toni Maticevski: I wasn't too familiar with Toni before I went to his show in the fall but I quickly fell in love with his collection. He is able to beautifully combine a high brow sophistication and elegance with a endearing practicality that makes his pieces become something just so new. Can't wait to see what he has in store for Fall 2010.

Charlotte Ronson: I've been to the Charlotte Ronson catwalk for the past two seasons and her shows are just fun. Your senses are totally rocked as your eyes are greeted with effortlessly cool look after look while you get a bit of a music education too as sister, Samantha Ronson, DJs the show.

ARISE Magazine African Collective: I love the "collective" shows that have been coming out of fashion week for the past couple of seasons. I was blown away by the Argentine Collective show this past fall and got a great story for NEWSWEEK ("The New Black") out of last Spring's African Collective show.

Diesel Black Gold: This show is always, in a word - a spectacle. From the hair and makeup (last year the models had a strangely cool, caught-in-a-fishing-net, look) to the stage (they had the shadows of a live brass band illuminated through a silk screen last year) to the A-list front row, this show never disappoints.

Badgley Mischka: Always classic and a constant reminder why we all got into fashion in the first place. I've only been to one Badgley Mischka show but its whimsical elegance will stay with me for years. I'm looking forward to another transformative experience.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Fame Monster to say cheese

Looks like Lady GaGa is trying to pull Polaroid out of the ashes. The iconic camera company that filed for bankruptcy in 2001 has leached on to GaGa by pulling her onboard as their new Creative Director. At a recent press conference, GaGa announced that she will be taking the brand in a new fashion direction while restoring Polaroid's iconic former glory. I'm all for a comeback of the vintage-cool cams if they do something about the ridiculously high price of the required film.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Mulleavy sisters get their man on

Rodarte has just launched their first collection for men - a line of oh-so-Rodarte sweaters (about $2,760) for the half of the population that was feeling a bit left out of the craze. The open knits are undoubtedly of the Rodarte aesthetic but that aesthetic was originally created for womenswear so I'm not so sure that its quite literal translation to menswear is the right fit for the line's new clientele. Unless, that is, you like your guy in mohair. Your thoughts...

Feeling dangerous?

Giuseppe Zanotti recently colaborated with Colette to produce these totally bad ass ballet flats ($450)equipped with, dare I say it, Swarovski-encrusted bullets snug in two little leather holsters on each side. For any New York City girl, who has her run-ins with one too many creepers, these definitely say, 'don't mess with me.'

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The studded evening bag: three ways

Evening bag requirements: Hands free capability, fashionable not flashy, game for a night out. Check out these three different studded evening bags for every price range.

Miu Miu small studded leather shoulder bag, $850,

Sondra Roberts tassel detail chain
shoulder strap
bag, $75,

Studded fringe shoulder bag, $16.80,

Tatt me up buttercup

I've always wanted a tattoo. Something small, modest - maybe on the inside of my wrist. But, in my occasional very grown up moments, I always talk myself out of these life markers because I know I'm the type of person who will love my new part-of-me-ink for the first six months and then completely detest it thereafter. I spent way to much money on a Romeo + Juliette painter-style trench coat I got at Saks last fall - now, hate it! I could go on. But, like so many of my other life conundrums, Chanel has an answer to this one too. Enter, Les Trompe L'oeil de Chanel (aka. Chanel temporary tattoos!). Ringing in at $75 a box (each box contains 55 tattoos) the temporary tatts include a variety of deliciously delicate designs including the infamous double "C"s like the one shown above from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection.
And, although Chanel is the only haute label to produce these tatts, they're not the only ones to pick up on this 'temporary' trend. At Rodarte's Spring/Summer 2010 show they also painted their models with tribal looking tatts for a hard-edge, futuristic, Gothic vibe. Whatever the look, body art has definitely taken a turn off of St. Marks' typical tatts.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Burberry Spring 2010 Camp: It's all in the family

I love Burberry's new Spring campaign with Emma Watson just as much as I was obsessed with the Fall images (I even tried to replicate Watson's hair color from the Fall ad on my own locks with little success). Spring 2010's camp series also features Watson's brother, Alex (left). I think they're set for next year's Christmas card photo. I am in love with this lavender-tinted, exaggerated puckered-shoulder trench.

Walmart and H&M destroy unsold clothing

A story was just written in the New York Times about how large retail chain stores like Walmart and H&M destroy and discard unsold clothing rather than donating them to organizations like The Salvation Army. At these large chains where the clothing is so inexpensive to begin with, I guess there's no point in shipping items to discount stores; but I never would have thought the clothing would just be discarded. It turns out that H&M has machines specific to damaging the clothing: for example, a large hole at a shoulder seam; a missing sleeve; or a torn pair of pants. The store then deposits plastic bags full of these goods behind the store to be picked up by garbage collection. I'm sure they'll change their ways in some way after this NYT story has come out but, it makes me want to reconsider patronizing the chain.

Lara Stone for LV Spring 2010

I love Louis Vuitton's Spring 2010 ad campaign featuring wilderness nymph Lara Stone. Patterned bike shorts, wooden-soled clogs and moss, oh my! Also, check out the feature story on the size 4 (gasp!) model in Vogue's January issue.

Dominatrix or Demure?

With the coupling of the words "body" and "chain" one's mind usually summons images of black patent leather, cheap leopard print, and all-too-willing chippendale-like muscle man named Mr. Meow. But, the changeling that fashion is has transformed this previous emblem of dominatrix tendencies into something more chicly demure. From Nicole Richie's House of Harlow chain headpieces to Bliss Lau's line of body chains these dominatrix inspired accessories prove that sexy doesn't have to by slutty.