Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SARTORIAL SANITY: Louboutin Goes Upper East Side

Gasp! Christian Louboutin just named a new sizzling pair of stilettos after Blake Lively--they're called The Blake. Looks like this Gossip Girl has some friends in high places.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SARTORIAL SANITY: Get Naked This Spring

From Burberry to Alexander McQueen, it's no surprise that nude is more than just a subtle trend this spring. From neutral nudes in silk dresses, leather goods and patent footwear, naked is definitely in. Check out these pieces, all available at NET-A-PORTER, to get the look.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

SARTORIAL SANITY: The Perfect Trouser? Doo.Ri

Nothing grey about it, I absolutely love these wool Doo.Ri trousers. Their movement on the runway was sartorial perfection. Love this shape shift gown and this high neck patched jersey dress as well--looks comfortable and polished.

SARTORIAL SANITY: Alexander Wang hits...and misses - by a lot

I hate to say this because I love him dearly, but is it just me or did Alexander Wang's F/W 2011 collection kind of suck? If the models weren't looking like rundown and unraveling mummies, they were stuffed in down tuxedo cocoons, boxy vests or what looked like cheap men's sweaters with a bit of silk at the hemline--not a fan. If anyone has fleshed out any redeeming qualities of this collection, please do share.

SARTORIAL SANITY: The Runway's Resident Bad Ass - Erin Wasson

ROUGE & ROUGE: Cool Cool

SARTORIAL SANITY: '90s Flashback for Organic by John Patrick

I love it when you can pinpoint a definite jumping off place for a designer's collection--even when it's your own personal take on the designer's initial inspiration. From what I remember of the early to mid '90s, this collection is the epitome of an era. Oversized felt coats and tweed blazers, sheer thin-strapped florals, cropped loose-knit sweaters, and lace-up combat boots? These girls look like they're ready to party like it's 1995.

COCKTAIL CHATTER: Zoe Chanel, Chanel Zoe

It looks like Rachel Zoe was 'inspired,' to say the least, by Karl Lagerfeld's Fall/Winter 2010 Chanel collection.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

SARTORIAL SANITY: St. John the Victorious

Growing up, St. John was always the brand my grandmother went to for what she called the epitome of 'timeless.' From my grandmother and mom drooling over the classic knits and opulent tweeds, I always thought that St. John was an 'older' house. But last Fall I bought my first St. John piece--a grey, cropped and ruched jacket.

I am now officially converted to the 'older is wiser' team and am taking queues from my more 'sophisticated' family. Pairing these pieces with younger and more modern designers makes for a classically cool look--just like the industry defining brand has done in combining a simple white t-shirt with a fur muffler and a formal floor-length skirt.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SARTORIAL SANITY: Rachel Zoe's preggers belly spawns genius

I was pleasantly surprised by Rachel Zoe's eponymous Fall 2011 collection. The pregnant designer (who still does not appear to be showing) pleasantly surprised with tailored pieces and innovative reincarnations of classic styles--a direction I was glad to see did not follow her signature strictly bohemian ways. From wool capes to slim fitting military suits and metallic cardigans, Rachel keeps things cool, sinfully chic and uber-wearable. In homage, 'I die.'

SARTORIAL SANITY: Mama said there'll be days like this...

I always love Wildfox Couture campaigns and Spring 2011 is no exception. The epitome of Marie Antoinette on acid, this video makes me want to dye my hair grey and make cupcakes!


Love the layering here--shot by who else other than Scott Schumann, aka The Sartorialist. I love the rich lodge palette of camels, burnt tweeds and forest green. This guy definitely raises the bar in terms of creating a luxe casual look for a simple afternoon stroll.