Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shrapnel elegance

I was thumbing through the pages of God knows what magazine the other day and came across these Bottega Veneta earrings. They've got this great shrapnel, industrial vibe but are still super elegant. Way out of my price range ($820) but I feel like I might be able to find something similar at vendor's table in SoHo. Just thought I'd share...

I dream of Fendi

Back to New York just in time for the 4 consecutive days of grey-weather-rain, the week before I had been pool side in Cocoa Beach - feverishly applying sun tan lotion in an attempt to avoid the inevitable burn that I would return to New York with. But, while I was there, I headed to Orlando for a day of wishful window shopping at an upscale outlet mall. I stumbled into the Fendi outlet boutique and was completely blown away. My mother and I found ourselves running our fingers over leather rosette skirts, vintage lace chemises, and beautiful silk trousers. It was a totally sensory experience at a brand that I honestly have never been too familiar with other than ogling the few silk Fendi scarves my mom had collected over the years. Safe to say, that Fendi's construction and opulent fabrics are nothing short of flawless.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lovely Bones...

One of my new favorite faces, Abbey Lee Kershaw, graced the April cover of Vogue Korea in a truly stunning editorial, quite fittingly titled "Lovely Bones," shot by Rafael Stahelin.

Tom Binns is the man

So, recently, I guess I've been on a bit of an accessories kick and have found myself trying my luck at eBay to hunt down some Tom Binns originals. For now, I'll just dream of finding one of his gold cuffs nestled among a pile of vintage jewelry at a secondhand shop - a veritable treasure hiding among the rubble. Check out these pieces at Net-A-Porter...

So Money

Check out these Stubbs and Wootton velvet embroidered currency slippers. If you're one of "those" and have an extra $395 laying around, you should totally grab a pair! Ha!

Monday, March 29, 2010

J.Crew is hardcore?!?

Forget seersucker mini-skirts and starched polos, J.Crew just got a whole lot edgier with their new Fenton/Fallon capsule jewelry line. Chains loaded with studs and spikes, I can imagine the J.Crew girl initially being a bit frightened of the line before realizing that she ought to shake things up a bit. Care to trade your navy blazer for a leather motorcycle jacket?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Shameless self-promotion...

Check out the Fall trend story I wrote for BeautyNewsNYC...It's all about texture, two piece suits and a bevy of color - can you say tangerine?!

US ELLE April 2010 - "Special Report"

Love US Elle's April spread, "Special Report"- I'm pretty sure I let out a "you go girl" as I flipped through the pages showing a mighty fierce female reporter on the front lines (of a football game - hey, a girl can dream though).

New W Mag Editor: let the games begin!

On Wednesday, news broke that W magazine would move from the Fairchild Fashion Group to Conde Nast - a move that would also mark the naming of a new editor. The move has put several names in the boxing ring for the title including Carine Roitfeld, editor-in-chief of French Vogue (I can't imagine Roitfeld moving from Vogue to W but, would love to see her around NYC more often), Stefano Tonchi from NYT's T magazine and Jay Flelden, previous editor of Men's Vogue among others. Umm, can I put my name in the hat of candidates?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Abominable or fashionable?

Don't ask me how, but I managed to overlook Chanel's RTW Fall 2010 show until this morning as my finger was frozen in click-mode as it made its way through countless slideshows on But, hovering over my mouse pad, my clicking finger stopped dead in its tracks as it got to Karl Lagerfeld's quite literal translation of global warming. A runway made to look like ice caps and male and female models snug inside fur body suits (that looked not unlike that of the abominable snowman), there were pieces that were all together a bit comical looking. But, being the genius that he is, Lagerfeld was able to create a collection that evolved from the absurd to the avant-garde wearable incorporating fur accents throughout the collection- even weaving fur into his signature boucle-knit tweeds.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Qu'est-ce que tu penses ma pote?

I've been in search of the perfect summer wedge (great for walking and a little extra height) and have found a few candidates...your opinions would be very much obliged! Merci!

Farylrobin Madison Wedge, $228

Kelsi Dagger Nude Wedge, $148

Rosegold Suede Heel, $168

SuperGirl's closet...can I borrow that?

Superhero meets rock n' roll? I'll take it! For Balmain's fall/winter 2010 collection, Christophe Decarnin created a kick-ass, super-villain-fighting girl who slaps the bass on the side. With sequin embroidered minis in lush purples, golds and blacks, floor-length black sequin and metallic gold wrap dresses fit for some major crime fighting and leopard coats that give the perfect hint of Mick Jagger meets model, the collection (although not super wearable) would be the modern SuperGirl's go to uniform.

Because I love Alex Wang...

If you are willing to spend one month's worth of rent on something other than rent this spring, spend it on an Alex Wang bucket bag from his new collection. With a stud-lined bottom you won't have to worry about where you put it down and the long strap lets you wear it across your body or as a long shoulder bag - very practical (or just a way to justify its purchase in outweighing putting a roof over your head).

Photo via Altamira of Ruby Aldridge carrying the Alexander Wang bucket bag

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tight tattoos!

A la Chanel, for their fall 2010 collection Marchesa seemed to catch the tattoo flu. No, the casting agents didn't find all of the girls for Marchesa's presentation at a biker bar. The leggy tattoos that the models were sporting were actually printed tights. Although this idea of an elegant inked look is a bit too reminiscent of Chanel's Spring 2010 show, I do like that these tatts don't have to be applied directly to the skin- quite a time saver for the girl who wants a bit of edge without trying to finagle a press-on tattoo around her ankle.

Alex Wang, you fox!

I found these shots from an Alexander Wang photo shoot on one of my favorite blogs but, I'm not sure where they came from or what they're for (new campaign shots?). But, I'm totally smitten with Alex Wang (I think he is adorable!) so I had to post them. Let me know if you know!

Fancy a golden pinky nail?

If you're feeling a bit short on bling, you're in luck. Just stumbled across this pinkie ring ($150) from Bijules and I can't decide if it's cool beyond its years or if it's a little too reminiscent of a convenient device from Kate Moss's white-powder-party days. Your thoughts...