Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcome to The Statement Piece

As a little girl, I never dreamed that I would enter the world of fashion when I grew up. When I was 9 I was the president of the "I vow to never wear bell-bottoms" club. Only the slutty girls at school wore them so, I naturally never wanted to put myself in that box. But, my sister was stuffed inside that box like a second skin. Obsessed with fashion from an unreasonably young age, she was making skirts out of vintage Hermes scarves she found at thrift stores when she was 10 and was always trying to get me out of the baggy jeans and solid t-shirts I called home.
Flash forward 12 years and the story is quite different. Having been the fashion editor at the Washington Square News, and covered fashion for Newsweek, CosmoGIRL, and, I have transformed from the anti-fashion to the girl who falls asleep at night trying to convince herself that tomorrow she needs to skip and instead head to - most often to no avail. And believe me, all of this didn't happen on purpose. As I have always told myself, 'fashion is just a hobby.' Maybe someday I'll take my journalist's nose to D.C. and finally get political but for now, I am resigning from my little girl baggy jeans post. And get this, my sister who used to have designers and hemlines dripping from her tongue is now an architecture grad student at Harvard...go figure.
So, this is the place where I will indulge my passions with no guilt. Welcome to The Statement Piece.

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