Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Leibovitz forced to sell rights to her photos

After photographer, Annie Leibovitz was outed on in the NYT for her gastronomic debts we all sat along for the ride as we watched what she was going to do next. The famed photographer who has snapped such iconic shots as those of John Lennon, Demi Moore, and the more recently controversial Miley Cyrus, was sued for $700,000 for failure to pay her bills. So, what's the most sought after photographer (in arguably the world) to do? Sell your rights to your photographs (a.k.a. your legacy). She recently received a lifetime acheivment award...let's hope she's still got plenty of black and white running through her veins for a few more iconic images.

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  1. i saw the shoot in print. its fabulous