Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tweet Tweet Tweet

Okay, so I'm slightly embarrassed to say this but I have joined the ranks of twitter (my roommate now aptly calls me a "twat") and because I obviously was way too excited to get life updates from designer demigod, Prabal Gurung, I saw that he tweeted that he wants Taylor Swift to open up his fall 2010 runway show: "Dear Santa May I make an early Xmas reqst? found out Taylor Swift is 5'11"Can she openmy Fall 2010 collctn? promise 2behave for a year xo PG," he tweeted. Excited to see if she acquiesces to his request!

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1 comment:

  1. I love it - a "twat" haha. I've been curious about twitter for a long time - there are certain ones I like to read regularly (like Kanye, OscarPRgirl, etc.) but I tend to get confused about the twit-terms like trending, hashtags, RT and all those things. Such a mystery.
    Let us know how your venture into twitterdom goes for you - if you are pro-tweet, maybe I'll enlist as well and we can be twitter friends! (I don't know -does twitter do that? i literally don't know...)