Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Faux paw?

So I've always been a huge animal lover. Hey, I was even the president of the Animal Rescue club in highschool. I was that girl who would spend her Saturday mornings at my local animal shelter cleaning up my fury friends' "mistakes." Flash forward five or so years and I'm out at a swanky lounge in NYC with my closest friends. I'm wearing black skinny jeans, a vintage Harvard tee, a handful of silver and gunmetal grey necklaces (in retrospect, probably one too many) and this red wool riding jacket/blazer with a fur collar. Not too shabby I think to myself until...A friend reaches over to pet my collar saying, "poor little guy." You can imagine how I lept to my feet saying, "this isn't real fur! This is totally faux! You would't think I'd wear real fur right?"
My reaction later got me thinking- the whole point of faux fur is to resemble the real deal right? So as a quasi animal "activist" is it just as wrong to fake it as to wear the real thing? I'm still torn and slightly biased due to the red culprit in my closet that I found after digging through the sale racks at Saks' outlet store. Is faux fur actually a faux paw?

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