Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween is an excuse to go over-the-top high fashion!

I've never really been into the whole Halloween thing... Dressing up liking something hideous and terrifying or going the slutty nurse route has never been my thing. But, this year, I'm heading to a party at the Maritime Hotel in NYC where a costume is a must, unfortunately. But, good news, after stressing about not spending money on a ghoulish get-up for one night it hit me- rock star glam! With studs and spikes all the latest rage on the runways this fall, why not take this opportunity to really go over the top with the latest trends and go as a chic and cool black eye-lined, stud wearing rock star? A la Taylor Momsen's everyday look, I'll through on some black skinny jeans, a vintage band Tee or tank, loads of silver necklaces, and an arm of studded bracelets. And, maybe a few crayola tattoos to top it off...can't wait!

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