Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tatt me up buttercup

I've always wanted a tattoo. Something small, modest - maybe on the inside of my wrist. But, in my occasional very grown up moments, I always talk myself out of these life markers because I know I'm the type of person who will love my new part-of-me-ink for the first six months and then completely detest it thereafter. I spent way to much money on a Romeo + Juliette painter-style trench coat I got at Saks last fall - now, hate it! I could go on. But, like so many of my other life conundrums, Chanel has an answer to this one too. Enter, Les Trompe L'oeil de Chanel (aka. Chanel temporary tattoos!). Ringing in at $75 a box (each box contains 55 tattoos) the temporary tatts include a variety of deliciously delicate designs including the infamous double "C"s like the one shown above from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection.
And, although Chanel is the only haute label to produce these tatts, they're not the only ones to pick up on this 'temporary' trend. At Rodarte's Spring/Summer 2010 show they also painted their models with tribal looking tatts for a hard-edge, futuristic, Gothic vibe. Whatever the look, body art has definitely taken a turn off of St. Marks' typical tatts.

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