Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I dream of Fendi

Back to New York just in time for the 4 consecutive days of grey-weather-rain, the week before I had been pool side in Cocoa Beach - feverishly applying sun tan lotion in an attempt to avoid the inevitable burn that I would return to New York with. But, while I was there, I headed to Orlando for a day of wishful window shopping at an upscale outlet mall. I stumbled into the Fendi outlet boutique and was completely blown away. My mother and I found ourselves running our fingers over leather rosette skirts, vintage lace chemises, and beautiful silk trousers. It was a totally sensory experience at a brand that I honestly have never been too familiar with other than ogling the few silk Fendi scarves my mom had collected over the years. Safe to say, that Fendi's construction and opulent fabrics are nothing short of flawless.

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