Monday, August 9, 2010

Ah ha! The tale of a shoe sham...

If you ride the NYC subway, you are all too familiar with the advertisements for those fugly sneakers that (saving grace!) are said to tone your legs and bum while you walk - just a minor eye sore if the result is a kick ass, well, ass right? I do have a few friends who work in the restaurant business that have given in to these marketing masterpieces and now half wobble, half skip as they deliver roasted organic chicken to skeptical customers. They have told me that their legs do feel sore after a day in their shape-up toners but 'not so fast!' cries NPR. They recently announced that after study, there seems to be no difference in actual leg muscle or tone between these toning shoes and your average sneaker. So ladies, unlace your walking travesties and get rid of the gimmick - time to dig out your old college running shoes.

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