Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Image crush

One essential part of my daily routine is, of course, stalking The Sartorialist blog. Each one of Scott Schuman's photos is so carefully and expertly composed while simultaneously possessing this innate air of spontaneity and ephemeral envy as well as inspiration. A few weeks ago, I came across one photo that has been nestled in the corner of my desktop ever since. To me, this woman is the epitome of classic beauty - I love the way that her pose invokes this sense of timid grace. I had a chance to speak to Schuman about two years ago for an article I was writing for the Washington Square News and I fell so much more in love with his artistry when he explained that he's not trying to capture the person he is photographing or their "story" ('how selfish would that be to impose your constructed version of someone's story on a total stranger' he explained). But, rather, is trying to produce an image that could generate a multitude of stories or reactions, not particular to the subject of the image, but to the recipient of the images. So, for me, this photo becomes such a representation of Schuman's idea of placing the viewers reaction to the image on such a paramount pedestal. I think I am so drawn to this image in particular because the woman has such a resemblance to my grandmother - deep set eyes, tan skin, dark hair and the kind of chic style that is so effortlessly simple and elegant.

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  1. Hello Kiki
    Its a great picture,I love it.Good for you getting some insight from the Sartorialist that's the beauty living in NYC. BTW thanks for the comment you gave me on my website. Lucky you are going to a fashion show in sept. I will be in NYC in SEpt but from outside :( no shows, maybe someday! Any extra passes u can spare? LOL enjoy!!!!