Friday, January 29, 2010

We're all mad here...

This past week, my sister and I hosted our Fourth Annual Mad Hatter Tea Party. And this year, we pulled out all the stops - handmade linked streamers made with exotic papers, tea sandwiches and fruit filled sangria and of course our dearest (and impossibly chic) friends. Below are a few photos from the evening and a look at the invitation we sent out to all of our guests!

You're invited to our Fourth Annual Mad Hatter Tea Party!
Fall down the rabbit hole in your maddest attire
and give in to your sweet-toothed desires.
Indulge in cupcakes and crumpets and crunk tea, OH MY!
Put on your watches and cap and SNAP it's six o'clock tea time,
come on in, you'll be feeling just fine.
Dress like your grandma or six-year-old cousin,
because if you come through the door lookin' like yourself we'll be buggin.
Alice and the Mad Girl

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