Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spring camp!

I recently ended a few of my magazine subscriptions in an attempt to cut back on my lack of cash flow so, I spent the day at Newsbar on 12th street yesterday flipping through everything from V magazine to Lucky. And, I really got into some of the spring ad campaigns. Below are a few that I am particularly smitten with...

I really love the pale pink hair in the Valentino ads...something I could never pull off but I think looks so effortlessly, I-don't-give-a-shit cool.

I wasn't familiar with Vera Wang's spring collection but when I was flipping through God knows which magazine I saw this ad and got really excited to check it out. This look seems like something a bit out of left field for VW but I think it's smashing - gothic fairy meets hollywood glamour.

Fendi's spring collection has a familiar Rodarte quality to it and I love the dichotomy of the hard-edge torn dress and the whimsical background...the whole campaign is really stunning.

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