Saturday, February 13, 2010

Christian Siriano up in smoke

So, I know I'm going to get a lot of flak for saying this but, as a whole, I was really unimpressed with Christian Siriano's show yesterday. First of all, the smoke machine that I believe was supposed to give a look of whimsy resulted in coughing front-rowers, awful pictures, and an old, dusty feeling- not quite the desired effect, I'm assuming. Then, making their way through the smog, were the clothes. Raw silk, black iridescent pant suits, a bevy of jewel tone silk strapless dresses with ruffle details and an organza ball gown in fuschia (although breathtaking) to finish it off- it's not like any of these looks were poorly designed or executed, it's just that I've seen them all before: like a thousand times! For such a new designer who made his claim to fame based on making avant-garde wearable, I was expecting something really fresh. It's sad to see a designer who had so much creativity get sucked into the whole game of designing solely for what sells. Saving grace: the architectural, sky-scraping heels were pretty "fierce."

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  1. I think he's way too big for his breeches anyway. Maybe his audience will knock him down a peg or two where he belongs. I love the shoes too, but I think they are right out of Alice in Wonderland.