Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Comfortable clothes and uncomfortable models at Eryn Brinié Presentation

Despite the blizzard that "paralyzed" (according to CNN) New York today, being the Chicago born and bred girl that I am, I proudly braved the extreme conditions to head to Eryn Brinie's fall 2010 presentation. The collection in its entirety was extremely wearable and had this effortlessly, strewn together, sort of chicness to it. Loose cotton, striped crop tops, silky trenches and bulky knit sweaters, all eschewed a comfortability without sacrificing a certain young sexiness that comes through in all of Eryn Brinie's collections. But, although they looked comfortable, the models who were staggered throughout the SoHo showroom had there fair share of break-down moments as they teetered on their black velvet stilettos - one or two having to crawl off of their elevated platform to avoid collapsing under the studio lights...all in a day's work I suppose.

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