Saturday, February 27, 2010

Up-and-comer: Jennifer Fein

I met this really cool up-and-coming designer a few weeks ago at a fashion week kick-off party and wanted to spread the word about her amazing re-worked vintage, lingerie inspired garments. It's New York City so, here, everybody and their Gucci-collar-wearing-mini-purse-dog is a designer so, when I meet one who's actually talented, I get really excited! Anyway, her name is Jennifer Féin- a modern Renaissance woman. Féin, who studied ballet for 14 years, draws inspiration from the theater to create an old-world boudoir aesthetic where vintage laces and silk dance in a palette of beautiful creams, salmon pinks and rich navies. Check out her website here.
-Click here for a full story I wrote for BeautyNewsNYC about Fein and the party

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